"My experience with Kristen was most pleasant and satisfying. She uses a gentle and calming approach that is very peaceful and effective. She is very well informed about many aspects of Reiki, and is very good at explaining things. I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like to experience the benefits of Reiki at the hands of a kind and dedicated practitioner. "

S.B., Monroeville, PA

I am now accepting written reviews to add to this page.  If you have had a treatment and would like to let others know what you experienced, then please email me your review when a statement saying that you approve of me sharing the story.  

Download the Reiki Review .pdf below and either mail or e-mail it to me to submit a review.  Remember all reviews must be signed, and released for publishing, if you want it to be published.

reikireview.pdf reikireview.pdf
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